A new generation of touch control for your audiovisual projects and home automation systems. AVcontrol is the most advanced user interface you can get.

Designed for iOS

Designed for iOS

AVcontrol is built for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch and features native support for all screen sizes.

Apple Watch

Use a custom defined feature set on your Apple Watch, the fastest way to control your AV.


AVcontrol is updated on a regular basis and includes many of the latest iOS technologies.
We aim to deliver the best app for controlling your audiovisual control systems.

Universal app

Innovative design that scales across device sizes. Program and design once!

Flexible connection

Connect via Wi-Fi or cellular network. Control your devices around the globe.

Custom design

Flexible design without the need to install or learn additional development tools.

Native iOS controls

Incorporate native controls such as switches, sliders, lists and so on. You already know how to use these controls.


Use multitouch gestures that made iOS famous such as swipes and pan/zoom gestures.


No need to design for landscape and portrait. AVcontrol rotates your design with ease.

Today extension easy access

For quick access to functions that you use the most.
AVcontrol is just a swipe away.

Works with existing control systems

Control systems such as AMX and Crestron have a history when it comes to controlling audiovisual equipment. AVcontrol leverages the power of iOS to create a fluid experience when it comes to controlling AV systems.

We believe that traditional AV touchpanels can never compare to the quality and stability of Apple hardware and technologies. As a result AVcontrol has been in the App Store since 2011 and is updated on a regular basis.


AVcontrol is built to integrate seamlessly with your existing control system code. There is no need to learn a new programming language or application, everything is done by sending messages to and receiving messages from AVcontrol. Our comprehensive Programming Guide covers everything you need to know about integrating AVcontrol.


AVcontrol Premium offers extended functionality such as the use of the Watch App, Today Extension, full screen control pages and an extended UI control set. The free version has no connection limitations and can be used for simple control of AV systems. Premium is available as an in-app purchase.